Innovative Wine Meets
Innovative Design. 

Stack Wine was at startup at a standstill. They had a great product - 4 stackable and shatterproof pre-filled glasses of wine, but a not so great way of showing it. First weinnovated by showing more of the product by adding clear areas to the packaging, utilizing the unique 360º design of the shrink sleeve, and coming up with an easy explanation of how to use the product. With "zip, snap, sip" people were finally getting it. Stack Wine went from barely selling 8,000 cases a year to selling more than 8,000 cases in the first quarter of the relaunch alone.One major retailer called it "one of the best re-designs I've ever seen" and they garnered a feature inPackaging World Magazine.





+ competitive audit
+ illustration
+ packaging
+ pricing strategy
+ product naming
+ research & strategy  
+ voice & tone
+ website design


After the initial success of the relaunch, a great opportunity to reach a growing population of millennias emerged.
We found we were gaining a prolific and committed following on social media. With that in mind, we further evolved the packaging to become so minimal that only the essence of the genius packaging innovation remained. The result was catching the eye of Guilliana Rancid, which led to the now famous collaboration with Stack Wines:  XOXO G.